Our Top Five City Breaks

Our Top Five City Breaks

Our Top Five City Breaks


In the office this week we have been discussing the different city breaks that we’ve been on over the years and where some of our favourite places to go for a quick get away. If you’re looking to go on a spontaneous trip here is a list of our top five destinations to go to this year.


Paris, France:

Paris is the capital of France and also the largest city in the country too. It is also sometimes referred to as the ‘City of Light’ or the ‘City of Love.’ In the office we’ve all been to Paris at least once and definitely recommend it as somewhere to go for even just a short getaway. There’s just so much to do and so much to see.

Quick Facts:

The shortest street in the capital is 6 metres long.

The Eiffel Tower grows in height slightly ever summer due to the heat making the
metal expand.

It’s actually illegal to take photos of the Eiffel Tower in the evening.

The oldest bridge in Paris is the The Pont Neuf bridge which was built in 1604.

There are over 380,000 objects and 35,000 pieces of art in the Louvre.

Technically speaking up until 2013, women weren’t actually allowed to wear trousers in the capital and you could get arrested for it.

One of my favourite things to do whilst in Paris is trying to visit as many art museums as I can because I love being able to see artwork in front of me to be able to really appreciate and understand it. When I first went to Paris I visited the Musée de l’Orangerie which is home to Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. I thought it was just absolutely incredible to be able to sit and walk around the room to take it all the paintings in.

If you’re feeling adventurous then you could try some of the French delicacies such as: Snails, Foie Gras, Tripe, Pig Intestines and Urchins.


Dublin, Ireland:

Ireland’s capital and largest city is Dublin and perfect for a quick getaway. When you’re in Dublin you should definitely visit these places: Guinness Storehouse Factory, Spire of Dublin, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, Ha’penny Bridge and Phoenix Park. If you want to take a day trip out of the city you can also visit Wicklow Mountains and the Cliffs of Moher.

Amy’s favourite thing about Dublin from the time that she went is the fact that there is a really nice atmosphere there and that all of the people there are friendly. She loved that whilst she was walking around you could hear a lot going on, like live music, especially at the Temple Bar which is one of the most famous and talked about bars in Dublin.

If you’re looking for something fun or wacky to do in the capital then you can make a visit to the National Leprechaun Museum which Amy said was weird and funny to go to. She also recommends going to a café called Queen of Tarts which is in the centre (not far from Temple bar) because it’s set up with an Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s Tea party theme.

Rome, Italy:

Rome is the capital city of Italy and may also be referred to as the Eternal City or the Capital of the World. The city is absolutely packed with history – it has over 2000 fountains and more than 900 churches. Some of the most famous places to visit in the capital are: Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Spanish Steps, Vatican City, the Roman Forum and Piazza Navona.

Amy said that her favourite thing about Rome is the fact that you can just walk around anywhere and get to places easily without the need of public transport; you were able to find cool and hidden gems around the city that you just wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.


What I find really cool is in 2016, the brand Fendi was celebrating 90 years since the brand was started up and Fendi invested 2.4 million dollars towards the restoration of the Trevi Fountain as well as holding one of their shows in the fountain itself. It was the presentation of the AW16 Haute Couture show.

I would personally love to go to Rome on a city break because I would love to look at all the historical architecture and also because I went when I was very young so I don’t remember much and I think it would be good to go again now that I’m older. If I got the chance to go there for a city break, I think that I would definitely like to visit Trevi Fountain just because of how pretty it looks in photographs and also the Sistine Chapel because of all the beautiful artwork inside.

Krakow, Poland:

One of my all-time favourite places to visit when I have the chance to, is Kraków, Poland. It is the second largest city in Poland and also one of the oldest ones too. I love going to Poland in general as my mum is from Poland and I almost feel like it’s a second home to me. At the end of last year I was able to go on a trip to Kraków for a few days just before Christmas. My mum had always told me about how lovely it was during December and I was excited to see the market at a different time of the year. The market (which is open every day) was where we spent a lot of our time as it is in the centre and during Christmas they had amazing decorations outside.

One of the main buildings in the middle of the main square in the Old Town (Sukiennice) has stalls inside that sell handmade items as well as the stalls that surround the outside of the building. I am used to the food but what still surprises me is the sheer size of Golonka (pork knuckle) that you are able to buy and eat for one person. I had to take a photo because I honestly couldn’t believe it. Around the square you are able to find many different cafes and restaurants that specialise in traditional polish food.

The market isn’t the only place that you can visit whilst in Krakow; there is Wawel Castle & Cathedral, Planty Park, Kościuszko Mound, Kazimierz (the Jewish Quarter,) Smok Wawelski (Wawel Dragon) and many more places. It is also quite easy to take day trips out from Krakow to other cities and famous sites from the central train station too. I think my favourite thing about Kraków is the fact that it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve before, I feel like there’s always something new to do and I fall in love with the city all over again.


Prague, Czech Republic:

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic as well as the largest city in the country. It is quickly becoming a popular destination for a short city break. Some of the places you can see whilst staying in Prague are: Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Prague Astronomical Clock, the Old Town and Petrin Hill.

The Prague Castle is situated at the very top of a hill and it takes a bit of a trek to get up to the area but it is definitely worth it because you get to walk through the town on your way and then see the beautiful views across the city once you reach the top (and on your way too!) The castle is the largest ancient castle in the entire world.

What I remember the most from my trip to Prague a few years ago was I did a walking tour around the city for a few hours and I felt like this was the best way to learn a lot about the history of the city. This is one of my favourite activities to do whenever I go on a city break somewhere.

When you’re in Prague, I would definitely recommend having some of their traditional dishes as they are different and delicious. One of the most pastries that you will see being sold all over the capital is the popular ‘Kremrole.’ They are puff pastry rolls that are either filled with whipped cream or meringue.  

Anjelica also told us about how she went into a butcher’s where you were able to have a hamburger cooked and served to you straight away!

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