Fashion Bloggers You Must Be Following

Fashion Bloggers You Must Be Following

Fashion Bloggers You Must Be Following

When I was a child I would always day-dream about becoming a pop-star, yet the fantasy for the younger generation today seems have shifted to be becoming an influencer. So, if you’re anything like us our heads have turned from TV screens to our phone screens, and we can’t help but incessantly tapping for new updates on our favourite online guru’s. May it be one of the Kardashian-clan or a micro-influencer, following bloggers is just one of our favourite ways for tracking new trends, introducing us to new brands as well as any new fun tips and tricks. Whilst we can all get lost in our own corners of the internet, we thought it would be fun to share with you a few of our favourite bloggers that we love for their amazing style and captivating content.


@40notfrumpy - Nikki:

@40notfrumpy is one of our favourite bloggers to keep an eye on at Mellaris, not only for her great eye for style but for how relatable her content is. It’s always amazing to see authenticity shine through online and we find nothing more inspiring than just that! Nikki was kind enough to answer a few of our questions for this weeks blog, and we were lucky enough become the insiders on what it’s like to become a blogger. With a particular obsession for Zara, told you she was relatable, Nikki talked us through why she started blogging - “I wanted to show that fashion doesn’t have to be boring when you get over 40. I used to think I had to dress a certain way but I don’t believe that any more. Rules? Rules are made to be broken!!” Her inspiring journey from a regular Mum to a Mum with 44.9K followers all began in 2016 after she’d lost 3 stone - “I saw that a lot of over 40’s ladies were sharing their fashion ideas and as my love of fashion was re-ignited - I decided to do the same.” Over the years Nikki has gained confidence through blogging and I’m sure her followers have joined her on that journey in finding that a love of fashion has no age limit!


@facesbygrace23 - Grace:

Another blogger who inspires us on the regular is Mum of two and fashion lover, @facesbygrace23. Similar to Nikki, we love Grace’s open approach to blogging as she truly pays homage to her life and wonderful family as she bares all with her content, giving us a personal insights and updates on her day-to-day life. With her love of fashion, Grace is always confidently showing off her amazing curves in fabulous florals and trendy dresses, constantly serving up day time to evening inspo.


@thefashion_lift - Fran Bacon:

@thefashion_lift is an amazing Instagram page that should come with a warning - as you'll certainly need to be parked on the sofa, coffee in hand, with plenty of time for endless scrolling! Fran truly is fashion goals; we adore her fresh approach to fashion as we constantly pick up tips on how to personally style our own wardrobes. Never fearful of colour or print, Fran’s blog is a perfect guide of how to approach bolder fashion choices at a more grown up age! The internet is filled with twenty-somethings whose style isn’t always appropriately inspiring, so @thefashion_lift is a must follow if you agree fashion is a timeless love and passion.


@fashiioncarpet - Nina Schwichtenberg:

If like us, you sometimes indulge in fashion with a bit more of a fantasy and luxe vibe, look no further than the @fashiioncarpet. Ran by creative couple Nina Schwichtenberg and Patrick Kahlo, together the duo runs a successful German fashion and lifestyle blog which has been running since 2012. Nina’s fashion background allows her create inspiring fashionable content and with the additional help of photographer boyfriend Patrick. With an Instagram that embodies more of an editorial feel, their dreamy aesthetics are one to fantasise over whilst appreciating Nina’s classy style.


@rosieconxxx - Rosie Connolly-Quin

Rosie is yet another yummy-Mummy of two who’s style is always inspiring when it comes to exciting prints an on-trend pieces. Her Instagram shows off her fun lifestyle of balancing motherhood, exciting brand deals and travelling, all of which is always interesting to keep up with! Her love for garments with patterns makes her a great account to follow, as styling patterns can always be a bit more intimidating yet Rosie makes it look effortless time and time again.


The bloggersphere seems to be going nowhere anytime soon, so buckle up and keep following and scrolling for continuous style inspo and creative content. At Mellaris we are as equally addicted to social media as you, so make sure you’re following us on all platforms for updates on our collections, blogs and more fashionable content!


-By Kirsty Scott


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