Fashion month. Part one.

Fashion month. Part one.

Fashion month. Part one.


Fashion month once again came and gone in a flash. Leaving our heads spinning from sequins, celebrities and show-stopping spectacles. Whilst the world is still in pandemic mode, it didn’t stop many brands from making headlines, filling their front rows and being all round over the top in every sense of the word. Some could say making up for lost time.

Keep reading for part one of our fashion month round up, including our favourite trends and moments spanning NY, London, Paris and Milan.


The fashion world is ever evolving, and the proof is on its runways and sitting in their front row seats. Throw it back to the 1960’s and fashion shows were intimate and exclusive, only gazed upon by insiders. Now, our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts put us just one click away from being up close and personal with our favourite fashion labels. And as we join from afar, tucked up on our sofas feasting on luxurious designs, there are other newbies arriving as well.

Many brands for the past few seasons have extended their invitations to not only the usual crowd (editors, stylists and celebrity ambassadors) but influencers too. As they seamlessly cross over from the digital into the physical, decked out in their respected designer wear, and take their seat on the side-lines, celebrities are trading their spots for the runway.

This season Dupa Lipa opened and closed the Versace show, in two show stopping looks. The singer made headline after headline after her debut, making it one of the most talked about shows this season.

Meanwhile Leonie Hanne, fashion influencer turned jet setter, has been trotting the globe this past month with exclusive invitations to Cannes Film Festival in July to sitting front row at Prada, Versace, Balmain, Valentino and many more. Her status as an influencer is piercing the industry, and we can’t wait to see what she does or where she goes next.


The woman that never retires, nor should she, Naomi Campbell really was the true gem that sparkled throughout fashion month. Always present, opening or closing the most memorable shows this season had to offer, coincidence? We think not. And whilst she definitely does it best, wow did she remind us.

As she sauntered down the runway in Milan wearing a stunning Versace fuchsia suit, Campbell, amongst the other star studded line up, momentarily broke the internet as live stream clicks flooded their website.

The legendary supermodel was also first to walk in Balmain's 12 look archive based spectacular capsule, curated by designer Oliver Rousteing to celebrate his past decade at the label.

Campbell concluded her fashion month stint by closing not one but two shows, Alexander McQueen in head to toe in black embellished tulle and tailoring. And she drew the curtain on a surprise collection where Donatella Versace and Kim Jones switched roles, Versace by Fendi and Fendi by Versace. Two iconic houses, with individual cultural impacts, signed off their show with none other than the supermodel of the world.


If you keep up with Business of Fashion, you may remember back in March they shared an update on the 4 P’s of marketing. And long story short, ‘Partnerships’ is just one of the new ways to stand out as a successful brand and in particular nail that “cool factor”. And if we had to whittle Fashion Month down to just one legendary moment, it comes to a head to head tie between two extraordinary collaborations. Fendi x Versace kept their collaboration hush hush until the 11th hour when rumours started to rise, and the show dazzled as the fashion houses created style hybrids with their two opposing, yet notorious, aesthetics. We saw classic Versace numbers embellished with the ‘FF’ submark and Fendi’s luxe brown palette was paired with the infamous Versace Baroque print.

And whilst the designer duo thought they had ‘Fendance’ on everyone's lips, Instagram feeds and covered every fashion headline, meanwhile Balenciaga crafted the most surprising partnership of all. As their guests gathered at Théâtre du Châtelet, expecting a catwalk, they were instead entertained with a 10minute long special episode of the Simpsons. Yes you heard us. They poked fun at their oversized silhouettes (Marge gets stuck in a doorway wearing her dream Balenciaga gown) and our favourite Springfield residents fly to Paris to strut the runway in the label's most iconic garments. Both collaborations were headline worthy in their own rights, one holding glamour and the other humour, but were equally unforgettable.

Fashion month this year overflowed with moments for the history books and it’s wonderful to see the industry evolving in front of our very own eyes, it’s hard to anticipate how they’ll keep us fashion fanatics entertained next. But if there’s one thing we love about fashion, it’s how much we’re kept on our toes.

That was only part one, there’s so much more to come so stay tuned for part two!

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