Fashion Months Most Iconic Moments…So Far PART ONE

Fashion Months Most Iconic Moments…So Far PART ONE

Fashion Months Most Iconic Moments…So Far PART ONE



Over the years catwalks have transitioned from exclusive private viewings, only accessed by the fashion leaders of its time, to being available at the click of a button for thousands of online streamers to see. With audiences increasingly growing by the decade, it appears that fashion houses are more than ever competing to deliver that ‘wow’ factor moment during Fashion Month. With so much content online, therefore we’ve really seen it all, luxury labels cannot be blamed for developing a ‘go big or go home’ outlook when it comes to their catwalk production. Today, as the digital element of the fashion show equivalates to the savviness of the brand, designers strive to come up with new innovative ways to not only incorporate technology into the shows, but an entertainment value too. Whether you’re sitting in front of your laptop or front row starring through your phone, it takes something significant to make people look up and listen. As a result, we are entering a new era where the catwalk goes beyond a presentation of a new collection, but instead has blossomed into elevated one-off performance. This month, music appears to be the common theme that is tying all of Fashion Months most iconic moments, so far, all together. Keep reading to find out what some of those memorable moments might be.





Throwback to 2000, it’s Grammy season and Jennifer Lopez has just stepped out in a plunging green palm print dress by Versace. Her red carpet look was so spectacular and so searched for online that it lead to the birth of Google Images. Fast forward, and is J.Lo making her runway debut, at age 50, spectacularly closing Versace’s SS20 collection in a rendition of the iconic dress. Never has a front row got to their feet so fast to worship a moment that perfectly harmonises the sisterly relationship between fashion and music. To build anticipation to the collections finale, a voiceover recording asked Google to show pictures of the legendary dress, of which then filled the screens of the venue, followed by Versace’s voice asking to see the real thing- enter Jenny from the block star storming the runway.


Savage x Fenty



Creative director of Savage x Fenty, Rihanna, continues to slay her understanding of the modern women with her latest fashion show during NY Fashion Week. In an arena, where casting was as significant as the collection, Rihanna pulled out all of the stops to re-set the bar of expectation where a 6 minute catwalk is no long enough and a fashion performances is what we demand! The show included appearances from fashion models Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls and the Hadid sisters, as well as special guest models including trans actress Lavern Cox and singer Normani (Who FYI stole the show with her dance number.) With an emphasis on movement and dance, Savage x Fenty has blew Victoria Secret out of the water with what remaining magic they still have. The lingerie label is modern, unapologetic and most importantly inclusive and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store.



Ralph Lauren



For one night only, in lower Manhattan, Ralph’s Club premiered a sparkling night of old-school Jazz that was the setting for Ralph Laurens SS20 collection. Whilst on the runway the designer showcased an array of breath-taking tuxedos, meanwhile, it was the incomparable force that is Janelle Monáe that brought the house down. Clambering onto tables, standing on chairs and splashing champagne, all eyes were on her as she delivered an outstanding set that exuded infectious energy, leaving the star-studded audience longing for more. Her night as a jazz icon will never be forgotten and fingers crossed Ralph’s Club may open its doors once more.




As the buzz and excitement around new collections and catwalks continues, with just a few days left of Paris Fashion Week, we are so excited for any last minute surprises. Fashion Month has got our heads constantly turning from one iconic moment to another, so keep an eye out for next weeks blog post to continue reading about our favourite Fashion Month moments!


-By Kirsty Scott

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  • Vicky Robson: November 27, 2019

    Very informative and insightfull blog Kirsty

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