Our Must-See London Bars

Our Must-See London Bars

Our Must-See London Bars


Cool and interesting bars that we’ve been to recently or want to visit in London when we have some time off at the weekend. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to either go for a spontaneous night out with the girls or planning your hen do.





There are two Tonight Josephine venues, the original being opposite Waterloo station and their recently opened Shoreditch location. For my 21st birthday I decided that I wanted to visit this bar in particular because of a recommendation from a friend who’d been there previously as she’d shown me pictures of the interior and I was intrigued to say the least. Upon entering the bar, I was happy to see that it was exactly what I was expecting ­­— a pretty pink paradise.

It’s important to note however, that it’s almost impossible to grab a table if you turn up without a reservation and it’s best to book in advance to secure a space for you and your friends. I spent most of the evening in the ‘Lady Garden’ area which is a designated area where you able to stand and rest your drinks when there aren’t any tables available. Some of the most memorable parts of the bar are the neon signs that almost every guest takes a photo in front of, the mug shots of famous celebrities that are plastered over the toilet doors and the wide and creative range of cocktails that they offer.

I tried one called ‘Love Potion No. 10’ which was a fruity and sugary sweet drink including gin (which I don’t normally drink) and found that it tasted amazing! If you sign up with your email in advance and show proof at the bar, you get a free cocktail of your choice

 Credit to:http://www.tonightjosephine.co.uk/waterloo/ (just the middle image)


Another place that I found out about through a conversation and recommendation from a friend is Dirty Martini. They have 7 different venues within London and even more dotted around the rest of the country. This has been on my list of places to go for a long time because of the fact that they create so many different variations of the classic martini and other cocktails too. Depending on the location, there are happy hour times and offers available.

Something that stands out to me is the amount of activities and packages that they offer at their different locations, so this gives prospect customers a choice of what kind of night they’d like to have when visiting. For example, they have cocktail masterclasses as well as glamorous hen party packages.

I also really love that as Easter is coming up soon, they have created their own unique Easter cocktails called “Choctails” and even planned an Easter Sunday party with a 2 for £10 offer on the cocktails. We are thinking it would be a great place to check out for either a night out or hen do. If you enjoy capturing memories from your night out to post on Instagram, the chic interiors will make for perfect a backdrop.





If you’re interesting in all things related to drag or looking for something extremely fun, then attending drag brunch in central London should be next on your to do list. There are many drag brunches that are available to book within the capital but one that caught our attention in the office is a drag brunch that happens in one of The Breakfast Club’s secret bars.

 One of the reason’s that this particular one stood out to us is because Amy and I both really enjoy watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and we thought that it’s really cool how they are combining something like a brunch with exciting and energetic drag queen performances. We’d also already heard of The Breakfast Club as it is well known and have very trendy locations. They have a range of cocktails from classics to new inventions as well as the drag brunch itself being bottomless. This drag brunch starts from 12:30pm and goes on until 4:00pm and includes audience participation! I personally have this place on my list and will definitely be going here in the near future.



Our fourth and final suggestion is somewhere that is sophisticated and has an absolutely incredible view of the city — the Sky Garden. The garden at the top of the building provides a stark difference to all the concrete buildings that surround it and of course the panoramic view is amazing too. I want to visit the garden and the bar because I know people that have been themselves and the photographs have looked so pretty.

The City Garden bar has a menu full of different cocktails that have all been created specifically for the different bars within the building, find your perfect classics on the menu. I think that this would be a perfect place to go with friends because of the relaxed vibe and the beautiful surroundings.  


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