Part Three: Fashion In Film And Tv

Part Three: Fashion In Film And Tv

Part Three: Fashion In Film And Tv

Part Three..

In the office we often talk about the TV shows, films or books that we have been reading recently or can’t wait to start. This week is the final part of our discussion about fashion in some of our favorite series or films.


RuPaul’s drag race:

Becoming more popular as each new season comes out, RuPaul’s Drag Race is a great show for all things fashion. My favourite part in each of the episodes is the runway because you get to see some amazing things from the Drag Queens participating in the show. There is the chance for these Queens to show off their sewing and construction skills and present some looks that look like they’ve come off an actual brands runway. I feel like some Queens, over the years, have really pushed the boat out with their designs and presented things that are totally new and out of the box.

The image below shows four different outfits from four of my favourite Drag Queens (Manila Luzon, Violet Chachki, Sasha Velour & Kim Chi) that have been on the show. These are some of the looks that I also love the most because of how incredible they are and you can see the designer references in them. For example, on the right, Kim Chi is wearing a look that is directly inspired by Galliano but it also reminds me of a dress by Alexander McQueen from 2008. I also love the second dress that is being worn by Violet Chachki because of how mesmerising she looks and you can see an example of how she is famous for the way she cinches her waist in drag.


One of the shows that Amy and I have been watching is Dynasty which is on Netflix and currently on its second season. The show is a reboot of the original version of Dynasty which aired during 1981-1989. The topic of reboot’s in TV and Film is pretty popular at the moment as all kinds of shows and movies have been given a makeover and more updated version of their original selves. I have never watched the original Dynasty but I was so intrigued by the cast of the show I couldn’t help but check the latest version out.

It has now become one of my favourite shows ever as I have come to love and root for the characters, plot and of course most importantly, the fashion. I absolutely love the fashion and styling that is used for the Carrington and Colby families and when a new episode airs, I always look forward to spotting the designer clothes. One of my favourite characters is Fallon Carrington who is played by Pamela Sue Martin in the original version and Elizabeth Gilies in the current version. She is one of the protagonists and also one of the most stylish too.

When I was researching the outfits in order to compare the two different versions of Fallon, I actually found that their outfits were quite similar, you can see how Liz’s version wears outfits that are definitely inspired by Pamela’s Fallon but of course with more modern twists. There is also references to 80’s fashion in the reboot too. Some brands that have been used in the current version of Dynasty are: Emilia Wickstead, Gucci, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Preen, Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant and many more.



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